Sweet Chalet

Artisan Chocolate & Confectionery

Lime & Yogurt

​(Dark or Milk)

Lime infusion layer made with freshly squeezed lime juice and lime zest. The bottom layer 32% vanilla bean infused white chocolate yogurt ganache.

 Floral Earl Grey


 38% milk chocolate ganache infused with four different Alaskan flowers: lavender, blue corn, fireweed, and rose heather.

Salted Butter Caramel

​(Dark or Milk)

Caramel filling topped off with Alaskan sea salt.

Caramelized Pear

w/ Saffron

​(Dark or Milk)

Saffron infused caramelized pear puree combined with 36% white chocolate ganache as filling then topped off with pear brandy.

  Aurora Borealis Collection

Passion Fruit

(Dark or Milk)

Passion Fruit is a 38% milk chocolate ganache combined with a caramelized passion fruit puree. 

Raspberry Rosewater


32% white chocolate ganache made with 100% raspberry puree then finished with a touch of rose water.

Strawberry Confit

w/ Lemon Ginger


Strawberry confit made with 100% strawberry puree & 32% white chocolate ganache infused with fresh lemon and ginger juice.

Orange Grand Marnier


38% milk chocolate ganache infused with freshly squeezed orange juice. Topped off with orange grand marnier liquor.

Take a bite into the Aurora Borealis! Explore your palate with our one of a kind Alaskan Aurora bonbons. This collection is as unique as the beautiful state itself. Inspired by the Aurora Borealis these bonbons are sure to impress. Each one is hand painted and handcrafted. They make great gifts for all occasions.


​(Dark or Milk)

 38% milk chocolate ganache combined with 100% yuzu juice. This one is similar to a lemon with a hint of grapefruit and mandarine.

Cherry Confit

& Balsamic Vinegar

(Dark or Milk)

Cherry confit made with 100% Cherry puree & 38% milk chocolate ganache infused with balsamic vinaigrette.